In the flow control properties of stuccos, plasters, grouts, and tile mortars, our hectorite based rheological additives are highly efficient. Combined with or replacing cellulose, they improve performance properties while their high efficiency reduces costs. To eliminate unwanted air and improve the overall finish of your product, you can add our powdered defoamers.

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Why Elementis

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Higher efficiency

Rheological additives improve the application properties – resulting in better settlement and less waste.

Improved finish

A lubricating effect makes application of the final coat easier – resulting in a cleaner result.


Our products help cementitious materials cure properly which leads to reduced cracking

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Key products


A modified hectorite clay - improves the sag and workability performance of tile adhesives and other dry mortar mixes.

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Hectorite clay that provides improved workability and tooling - attributed to the platelet structure of the clay, thus reducing the friction between sand and cement particles.

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A silicone free powdered defoamer – helps to eliminate entrained air in dry mixes.

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Benaqua® 5000