Industrial coatings

Industrial coatings

Though our additives are invisibly small, they are an essential part of your formulation. With their critical impact on production, application and use performance, they offer the distinctive solutions the industrial coatings market demands.

Our range of solutions for waterborne, solvent and solvent-free technologies can contribute to longer lasting performances and better sag resistance or they allow for high film build, shear thinning behavior and spray application. Anyway, they are designed for you to achieve the perfect look and performance and help to meet your sustainability goals.

Why Elementis

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Improved efficiency

Our innovations help you to create high-performance coatings, save energy and reduce process complexity and operation time.

Green technology

Our innovations focus on waterborne solutions, while biobased and renewable raw materials help to reduce the VOC and carbon emission of your product.

Higher functionality

Our innovations create multifunctional additives and special resins to enhance durability and create futuristic effects.

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Key products

SUPREAD™️ 2059

Our subtract wetting agent - multifunctional performance with exceptionally low foaming properties.

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Our silicone based defoamer - excellent antifoaming and defoaming ability with good compatibility for waterborne systems.

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Additives that are up to 100% bio-based - ranging from defoamers to coalescing agents to help improve product performance and reduce production time.

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With excellent barrier properties the FINNTALC® M65LV offers good anti-corrosion properties, and the low VOC has a positive ecological impact.

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Matte resin with baby-skin touch - top matte effect with excellent transparency and stable gloss.

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