Sustainable application

Adding sustainable application

Whether it’s in industrial, professional or DIY context, choosing the right additives can have a huge impact on the sustainable application of paints, inks, coatings, adhesives and sealants. That’s why we fully support the industry’s transition towards safer and more natural products, offering additives for bio- and -water-based solutions.

Our additives can be a link in the chain towards more sustainability. Why not work with an additive that maximizes material use, help create a cleaner and smoother application – resulting in less material waste or repairs and thus improve the impact of your product?

Key commitments

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Safer application

Less harmful components – allergy-friendly, biocide, APEO and tin free – enable safer handling of your product.

Higher efficiency, workability, and durability

Our innovations create multifunctional additives, resulting in more efficient, less rework and waste - and smoother application.

Reduced environmental impact

By reducing the use of harmful chemicals, our additives can help you to minimize your environmental impact and develop more natural formulations.

Key technologies and brands


Natural, pure, platy materials that contribute to reduced material usage and improved durability

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100% active, solvent free rheology modifiers that contribute to high efficiency and significant CO2 reduction

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100% active, no VOC, rheology modifiers that build sag resistance and contribute to lowering waste

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