Sustainable use

Adding sustainable use

With the world facing defining environmental challenges, consumers and regulators are more mindful on developments around sustainable solutions. It’s essential that we try to eliminate harmful chemicals and extend the lifespan of coatings, to create safer and more sustainable products.

From additives generating low or zero VOC to qualities like improved adhesion and barrier properties creating more durable coated surfaces: greater sustainability in use results in a cleaner, healthier environment.

Key commitments

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Better air quality

By minimizing or even fully eliminating harmful chemicals -biocides and APEOS – from our products, we make it possible to create low and zero VOC paints.

Longer durability

By providing barrier properties and creating exceptional adhesion through our additives we help to create high durability systems.

Key technologies and brands


Additives based on renewable raw materials for improved adhesion and durability and thus a more sustainable product.

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Biocide free, no VOC, 100% active rheology modifiers

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Natural, inorganic materials that contribute to improved durability, healthier and greener coatings at reduced formulation costs.

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